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Envar Headshot Sketch (Artist - Vendrus)

Early Life

Envar, previously known as Damien Sanderson, was the only child of a human aid worker (Hazel Sanderson) and a low-grade Hadraak chemical engineer(Ssithlass). Due to the difficulties of genetic hybrid conception, he was grown (as many are) as an "in vitro gestation" baby. Due to this procedure his parents were able to select modifications to his physiology in order to give him both the best chance of survival and the dominant features of each race.

During his early years, however, his parent's relationship diminished and his father eventually moved on to a new mate. This is not unusual in Hadraak relationships as monogomy is not the natural state for the species, however it left Hazel devestated and she began to suffer from depression.

A few months before Envar's twelfth birthday, traditionally the time that the Hadaak move into full adulthood, Hazel was killed in an unfortunate accident when she electrocuted herself disconnecting her hovercar. Envar and his mother were not close due to her neglection of him in his young age, however her death left him isolated and dependant on the Sskarak state.

As both a hybrid and a descendant of the Vorberr, Envar was not favoured well by the state-sponsored system. After a number of months of being systematically ignored and shifted from department to department Envar ran away and became a vagrant sleeping on the streets. One night he ended up staying outside a local branch of the Malachi and was taken in.

The Malachi

Having been provided with a place to stay for the night, Envar got into a fight with a local Hadraak Malachi over a spitting incident. During the altercation Envar was easily overpowered by the strength-enhanced Hadraak and as he struggled his powers manifested for the first time. Although he was initially reprimanded for hurting another Malachi, he was offered a place on Earth  in order to learn to control it.

On Earth Envar found a new purpose in the Malachi order. He was a gifted student and determined to succeed, proud of all the Malachi stood for. He quickly surpassed the rest of his class, becoming an entry-level watchman in record time after his seventeenth birthday.

Over the next seven years Envar was posted to various planets, during which time he had the distinction of working alongside many of the best military and strategic people within the ranks of the Malachi. Having already been promoted to the post of a reigonal commander, Envar returned to Earth and was selected as a candidate for the top position within the watchman hierarchy. Given the extent of his ability and his level of control over it, it was also widely rumoured that he was a Valkirian.

However a number of representatives on the European Council, including Master Brandrson, felt that he lacked the necessary experience to hold down such an important position. Bitterly disappointed, Envar was pushed sideways into the position of Head of the Malachi's Silent Ops; a group of highly skilled Malachi, trained to fulfil government contracts against renegade organisations.

The New Alliance

Three years after being made head of the Malachi Silent Ops, Envar was officially reprimanded after an internal investigation discovered the use of illegal extraction methods in a number of missions . A short while afterwards another inquiry discovered that a large number of avoidable civilian casualty cases had been omitted from the records. But before it could go to trial Envar dropped off the radar with a number of incarcerated Malachi and resurfaced in the Alliance fleet.

The Alliance was in disarray due to what would later become known as The Edge War. A number of planets had declared a desire to succeed from the Alliance and the fleet was on course to subdue the possibility of an uprising and civil war. By the time a warrant was issued for Envar's arrest, he had earned acclaim within the ranks as a skilled leader and was regarded as something of a local hero. The military agreed to try him for his crimes in a private martial court and promptly threw out the case.

During Arek's coup Envar was promoted to Supreme Commander of the New Alliance fleet and given the Envoy as a flagship. In charge of the whole New Alliance military and the Renegades liberated from the Malachi cells, Envar had achieved the power and prestige that he had dreamed of as a child. But still he desired more. During the assault on Xarxin, Envar opted to stay in orbit and engage the Alliance fleet in order to make an assassination attempt on Arek.

The attempt failed and now Envar lives in terror of his betrayal being discovered and the retribution that would swiftly follow.

Envar - The Herald of Darker Things

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