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The first book of the series is out! Edge of the Flame can be purcahsed as either a paperback or E-book On Amazon.


The Final Edit


I have completed my (hopefully) final edit of my first book 'Edge of the Flame'. It was a long and admittedly painful slog, but I hope the story's better for it. People say it is like killing puppies to remove pieces from your book, I prefer to see it as chipping off the spare bits of stone from a sculpture. Painful when it is suddenly gone, but better for it in the end.


Website Launch


In case no one noticed, I managed to set up a website. This will be my realm, my creative space where I will post my ideas and share my stories. Here you will find every detail on my work that you ever hoped for, blogs describing my life and creative process and hopefully a new interest in literature.


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