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Chapter 1

Listen. Listen to the voices in the dark.


They were abandoned.

They were imprisoned.

They were forgotten.


Can’t you hear them breathing?

Can’t you feel their shadows on your back?


One of them is reaching out.

His smile is cold and pitiless as the slopes of hell.

And he is dying to hear you scream.


The darkness is rising.

Hope is fading.

And in the depths of his slumber, Azrael is stirring.


The Time of the Valkirien has come again.

Arek - God of Fear


His chance had finally arrived. His chance to break free and leave this hated prison behind. Arek breathed.

He had long ago ascended to the most powerful and influential position within the Alliance. After that he had risen higher to become a force in his own right, with an army of followers at his fingertips. He had pushed back the limits of known space and galvanised the Alliance into a lean, efficient society capable of accomplishments beyond their wildest dreams.

Betraying them had been a matter of necessity.

Envar - The Herald of Darker Things


Evil begins when you start seeing people as things. A concealed knife is not, by itself, evil. The person wielding it may be. They may be carrying a weapon to defend themselves, or because it makes them feel safe.

On the bridge of The Envoy stood a man who felt it beneath him to carry a knife but never ever felt safe. And in the depths of his tarnished soul he knew that he was one in a million. He was a Valkirian.

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