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Malachi Crest (Artist - Vendrus)

The first recorded mentions of the groups that would merge to become the Malachi are in ancient Egypt, where they were kept as magicians (the Followers of Heka) in the court of the pharaoh, and Mesopotamia where they were regarded as both priests and scientists (the Azu). Although in both cultures the extent of their powers was unknown, they were understood to have gained their abilities from gods for the betterment and defence of their society.

​This belief formed the basis of the two group’s guiding tenants as they spread their teachings throughout the Xia dynasty and Aegean civilisations respectively, due to the growing trade between co-located nations.

The Followers of Heka diversified and became a series of loosely allied groups of freelance mystics and warriors that supported their local civilisation in both medical and military endeavours. Local disputes were common and often resulted in tragedy when two or more Followers clashed.

The Azu on the other hand consolidated their power and cemented their positions as advisers of the local rulers. There are many examples of an Azu working to clear floods or conjuring creatures of fire across the early Chinese dynasties and Persian Empire.

Due to the expansion of the Greek empire under Alexander the Great (himself gifted with low-level Omnisense) the two major groups met and sought to unify in order to avoid an all-out war. They elected to be referred to as a Magi (from the local Persian term for ‘magic-wielder’).

Throughout late antiquity the Magi (or Malachi as they later became known) were known to be masters of esoteric knowledge and insight. The treaty signed after the last conquest of Alexander the Great forbade the Malachi from partaking in any further wars, due to the scale of catastrophe that could ensue should both sides chose to deploy them.

During this period, a number of prominent Valkirien were present in both literature and archaeological evidence. Since they ranged in power from heroic feats of strength to mass-deception of nations, the Malachi sought to steer clear of the Valkirien for fear of being forced into servitude. Although they were careful to show continuing gestures of respect in order to ensure that they were not perceived as a threat.

During the Dark Ages and medieval time periods, following various religious, royal and imperial decrees against the use of super-natural abilities, the Malachi were forced underground and once more became fragmented. Living in isolated pockets or individuals without any clear leadership, they feared persecution by ordinary humans, who vastly outnumbered them.

During the Renaissance, a number of these groups sought to dominate the others through influencing local politics and gaining a foothold over the aristocracy. This led to one of the bloodiest periods of in-fighting for centuries; the secret wars. The outcome of this was the replacement of a large number of legitimate royal families with those gifted with super-natural abilities. Particularly dominant were two families of lycanthropes and hypnotists, who dominated eastern and western Europe almost in their entirety.

However the French Revolution saw a number of these ruling classes abusing their low-level abilities for controlling the masses by attempting to force them into destitute slavery. Over-reaching their powers caused the labouring classes to become resistant to their particular form of subordination hypnotism. The revolt left very few of the family still alive and the populace ever more wary of the effects of supernatural powers.

With the resurgence of colonialization and the rise of industrialisation, came the reunification of a number of secret groups throughout the world. These groups often attempted to keep themselves separate from mundane politics in order to prevent the fracturing of the deep-state super-natural society. However a core belief shared by almost all of these groups was that the mundane ruling classes could no longer be trusted with their power and attempted to supplant them by instigating the collapse of many colonial assets through subversion.

They were proven right in 1914 when the First World War began and plunged human civilisation into chaos. Luckily a number of the major groups had agreed to remain neutral in the event of such an atrocity, however many were persecuted as cowards or spies for electing not to join either side.

During the late 1900s the truce collapsed causing a series of underground proxy wars that escalated into a full breakdown of the groups into a series of splinter cells. These confrontations were generally indirect through the use of subterfuge and manipulating politicians into conflicts in foreign countries.

Post-cataclysm the various groups unified once again in order to prevent the collapse of society and revived the name from antiquity for the new order: the Malachi. This group was the publicly recognised body of people with supernatural abilities that was still existent when the Hadraak and Ellerin made first contact. Since neither the Ellerin nor the Hadraak had a similar collective name for individuals with supernatural abilities, the human was taken for the unified group meant to monitor and regulate their use within the Alliance.

The Malachi

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