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Edge of the Flame


People misunderstand fear. They think it stalks them like a tiger in the night, but it does not. Fear is patient. It sits and it waits; watching you weave your own rope, smiling as you slip it around your neck. Then it opens the trapdoor beneath your feet.


There are far stranger things in reality than your mind could prepare you for.


Adanis, a foreigner in a future world, discovers to his cost that a single choice could change the course of history. He stands alone in an uncertain universe, the only weapon against forces that threaten to tear it apart. It’s a war for survival, but it’s a battle from within.

Young Adult Fiction - Dark Fantasy

Edge of the Flame leads you through an unravelling labyrinth of madness, and rebuilds you on the other side distorted, bruised, but wiser. Exploring the depths of despair, but the strength, resilience and courage of the human spirit, everyone has a warrior within them to battle all enemies.

Tiffany Chevis - Editor


…A tense, intricately woven story challenging the ideas of freedom and fate.

Elysia Lumen Strife - Online Artist

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